New decade, new blog

A long time has gone since my last blog post, a bit over three and half years. And a lot has happened during that time. I moved from Turku to first Espoo and then Helsinki. I also started in my first permanent IT job, switched jobs to company I was co-founding, and graduated from university as Master of Science.

Retrospectively, I’m very happy with this progress. Mostly because I feel I have evolved from inexperienced junior to more experience professional who has confidence in his skills and abilities. There is of course still a lot to learn and develop, like always. But I think that’s the joy in this profession, and in life in general.

On the technical side I bought a new domain for this blog as felt a bit too official for a tech blog. I also switched static site generator from Pelican to Hugo and deployed the blog using Netlify, as opposed to hosting the blog in AWS using Cloudfront and S3. So far my experience with Hugo and Netlify has been superb. Netlify makes deploying static sites so easy. For example, it provides Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for custom domain and pull request previews out-of-the-box with minimal configuration.

I hope I can produce new blog posts a bit faster pace this time, but that’s left to be seen. More importantly, I want to have fun when writing and learn new things.